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We are a full service neurosciences agency

We use neurosciences to bring change


The world is a complex place, but behind every success and every failed enterprise, there are human beings. Because emotions and perception fuel decision making, we believe a project begins with decoding human behavior.


We are published authors with 10 years of international academic experience in research. Our work process is backed with pure scientific methodology using high-end neuroimaging, physiology and cognitive neurosciences technology.


No big talk, no revolution. We leave that to marketing. Our aim is to provide you with operational support, practical results and effective solutions that will bring success to any project.

What we offer

Data collection & analysis

For researchers, institutions or companies in need of R&D support

Experimental testing & report of solutions
  • First meeting to assess the issue and identify the needs
  • Protocol design & recruitment of participants
  • Data analysis (neuroimaging, behavioral or physiology)
  • Complete report with results and prospective actions recommended
  • Coordination for implementing recommended solutions
Meta analysis & Review
  • Identification of major papers on a given subject
  • Comprehensive summaries in non-scientific english
  • Meta-analysis for indentifying trends
  • Report with recommendations based on the litterature

Change strategy & consulting

For companies or public instituions, in search of a new strategy and willing to bring change to a target population

Strategy & plan of action
  • First meeting to assess the issue and identify the needs
  • Litterature review & benchmarking
  • Strategy elaboration & brainstorming
  • Full report and plan of action
  • Coordination & follow-up
Communication & Action campaign
  • Creative team to develop an innovative concept
  • Design team to build appartus
  • Full visual identity & digital strategy
  • Key indicators & impact measurement

E=95 Certification

For marketing companies, start-ups and go-to-market research in need of legitimate and objective certification of their results

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

You have data, we have results.

What we can help you achieve

Protocol design | Data collection | Data analysis | Meta analysis & reviews

Every step of the scientific method


Hypothesis & protocol design

A perfect scientific experiments starts with the right question. We provide the expertise that our clients need to deliver bias-free & scientifically valid results.


Experimental testing

From participants recruitement to data collection. Our framework is flexible enough to provide custom research power without the burden of keeping a complete R&D department.


Data analyses

We can do a full length analysis with customized scripts that will be unique to each problematic. Cog & the machine is able to deliver strong results because of a rigorous methodology.



Our team understands the technical challenges and the issues at stake. The results of the study are provided in a comprehensive report and can be further exploited with recommendation on implementation.

The best strategy for bringing change

What we can help you achieve

Strategic analysis | Transformation management | Choice architecture | User optimization

In Game Theory, homo economicus is an approximative model of how we believe a human being should behave. Most consulting group will be selling a strategy based on this assumption.


In fact, humans are subject to various cognitive biases, and nothing can be done to avoid it. Emotions, memories, perception, or even geometry. Rather than being perfectly rational, choices depend on these factors.

Homo economicus

  • Efficient
  • Perfect rationality
  • Complex reasoning
  • Consumer and producer of value


Homo sociologicus

  • Follow social norm
  • Cognitively biased
  • Emotion driven
  • Limited ressources
Impactful Design

A good visual design should sum up your message


In order to correct behavior, it is crucial to know what consequences our actions have


Behavior can only change from intrinsic motivations, which requires to understand why


In the end, human beings adapt behavior.

A combination of design, strategy and an understanding of human behavior can lead to better decision making. It is something called choice architecture.

Cool Design

Use the environment and make the best of it.

Engage people

Don’t let them be passive spectators of your message, have them take action..

Be memorable

Stand out from the crowd and create an impression.

A label of trust

What we can help you achieve

Audit | Label certification | Training | Seminars

Hypothesis, statistics, samples, significance: it is not easy to navigate in an environment as technical as rigorous. It is difficult to assess the relevance of a so-called scientific process when you are not yourself a scientist. This, obviously, requires significant expertise and experience.

C&TM’s mission: to provide scientific rigor and precision in order to answer societal questions. We have therefore developed the “E=95” label. Whatever your use of scientific processes (neuromarketing or meta-analysis, for instance), this label guarantees scientific method and rigor to all projects claiming to use them.
But how does it work?


To review your scientific process and label it.
Show your scientific rigor to your clients and increase your credibility.

Assessment & Training

Evaluation of the scientific method & solutions to reach the requirements to be labeled “E=95”

Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Virtual Reality
Eye tracking
Physiology tracking


Electrodes are layed on the scalp & record the electrical activity of neurons. This measures the signals from the brain & enable the investigation of the temporal processing involved in decision-making.

Near Infrared Spectroscopy

NIRS illuminates the blood vessels of the brain to assess the level of oxygen contained in the hemoglobin. Like you in your daily exercise, if a cerebral area works harder than another, it needs more oxygen.

Eye tracking

With its appearance of sunglasses, the eye tracker is perfectly suitable for real life investigations. Using a near infrared light reflecting on the cornea and the pupil, the analyses of eye tracker measurements enable the exploration of eye gaze.

Physiology tracking

Heart & respiratory rhythms

Relying on essential brain structures, the heart and respiratory rhythms are directly linked to emotional states and motor actions. These measures are simple but very reliable.

Skin conductance response

Composed of a simple sensor placed on the skin, the galvanic skin response enables the measurement of the electrodermal activity. The skin can become a better conductor for electricity in emotional situations (e.g fearful, happiness or stressful contexts).


It is a scientific methodology crossing a large number of independent studies on the same specific problem.  Using programming languages, a meta-analysis enables accurate conclusions (between 95 to 99% true) by significantly increasing the number of results. We provide you a comprehensive and ready to use report summarizing the method and the recommandations.

Brain. Cognition. Behavior. Physiology. We use only state of the art analysis techniques and technologies.

Meet Our Team

Do not hesitate to contact us about any query. We would be happy to answer your questions and schedule a first meeting, without any commitment.

Dr. Coralie Debracque


Neuroscientist and Affective Scientist, Coralie obtained her PhD at the University of Geneva. She is specialist of human & animal emotions; perceptual decision-making; voice processing, statistical analyses and neuroimagery

Dr. Raphaël Thézé


Raphaël obtained a PhD in clinical neurosciences at the University of Geneva. He worked on memory encoding & audio-visual integration during the perception of events. In addition to his scientific work, Raphaël co-founded a start-up specialized in designing immersive & interactive events & communication. He is now an scientific advisor in digital strategy & transformation.

Dr. Timothée Fontolliet


As a creation and innovation enthusiast, Tim educates himself, shares and brings his knowledge to fields that are close to his heart: medical sciences, societal matter and audiovisual productions. This thirst for learning and novelties led him to finish a PhD in cardiac physiology and to get involved with many projects ranging from startups incubator to local politics.